This project is based around a re-brand brief for London restaurant Scoff & Banter. The brief outlined how the menu was changing to encourage diners to graze and dine on multiple dishes in an unstructured menu. I decided to focus on the restaurant locally sourced produce and use devices to persuade diners to choose multiple dishes such as combination menus.
Large A0 screen print consisting of 4 colours. Each layer has been hand painted onto mark resist using acrylic paint, pro markers and watercolour pencils. The aim of the piece was to serve as an integral image for the re-brand and to emphasise the restaurant's local produce.
'The Grazing Lamb' The first in a set of 3 spot illustrations to visualise the 'Chef's choice' specials. These consisted of three separate dishes per illustration.
'Land & Coast'
'The Seabird'
Digital illustration to show the dining atmosphere in the restaurant and agin to encourage diners to graze and share multiple dishes.
Poster design for exterior of restaurant.
Menu design prior to a full menu list. Within the folded design the specials are again featured to encourage the purchase of multiple dishes and flavours.
Prior to a full menu, the reverse side is dedicated to further presenting the restaurant's local produce.
Plate designs for use in restaurant, featuring 'sea' and 'grass' themes. These could be used to plate specific dishes to reinforce their source. Seafood dishes would be plated up on the sea plate. 
Offer design for use on digital media such as email.
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